About the Work

I  like to walk around cities with a camera. This allows me to connect to a place on a more intimate level. 

By focusing on a small detail, I abstract it and dislodge it from its normal context. It becomes a small world unto itself, complete with its own history, secrets, and dynamic tensions.  It becomes an experience.

My  obsession with walls, windows and doors, textures and geometries began when I moved to Mexico in 1976.  After four years of shooting environmental portraiture, nudes and architectural abstracts in villages and towns, I moved to Mexico City and began exploring the urban architecture of the City’s Hipodromo-Condesa and Roma neighborhoods.  This time was pivotal to my understanding of the joys of abstraction.

Since  returning to the United States in 1985, I have continued exploring the geometries of cities throughout the world.  Two series on this website, Geometry of Place:  Chicago and Mind Maps:  Oaxaca, are recent additions to my long-term fascination with form, line, color, and shadow.



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