About Toni Beatty

I like to walk around cities with a camera. This allows me to connect to a place on a more intimate level. By focusing on a small detail, I abstract it and dislodge it from its normal context. It becomes a small world unto itself, complete with its own history, secrets, and dynamic tensions.  It becomes an experience.

My obsession with walls, windows and doors, textures and geometries began when I moved to Mexico in 1976.  After four years of shooting environmental portraits, nudes and the beautiful architecture of Tepoztlán and other towns, I moved to Mexico City and began exploring the more urban architecture of the City’s Hipodromo-Condesa and Roma neighborhoods.  This time was pivotal to my understanding of the joys of abstraction.

Since returning to the United States in 1985, I have continued exploring the architecture of cities in my travels. Two series on this website, Other Islands/Altre Isole: The Walls of Ortigia, Sicily and Geometry of Place: Sydney, are recent additions to my long-term fascination with form, line, color, shadow.

This material is dedicated to the memory of Adolfo Riestra, my friend and mentor, painter and sculptor, whose work showed me new ways of seeing.

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